BRF Review

The British Reformed Fellowship (BRF) Conference is a Reformed conference that is held in the United Kingdom biannually, for a week. This year, it was held from Saturday, 16 July to Saturday, 23 July, at Castlewellan Castle in Northern Ireland.

The theme of the conference was “Behold, I Come Quickly: The Reformed, Biblical Truth of the End”. There were six speeches on that topic, given by Prof. David Engelsma and Rev. Andy Lanning. In addition, there were three special speeches by Rev. McGeown (“Disorderliness and the Second Coming of Christ” [2 Thess. 3]), Mr. Pete Adams (“The Renaissance and the Reformation, Highlighting the Eschatological Implications”), and Rev. Stewart (“Dispensationalism, J.N. Darby, and Powerscourt”).

The first speech by Prof. Engelsma taught us about the signs of Jesus’ second coming and that He returns quickly. Rev. Lanning’s first speech dealt with the subject of premillennial dispensationalism, especially the views of premillennial dispensationalists about the rapture and antichrist. Against those views, he stated the Reformed belief about being “caught up together…in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air” (1Thess. 4:17). Prof. Engelsma’s next speech was entitled “The Coming World-Conquest of the Beast from the Sea”, taken from Revelation 13. In the fourth conference speech, “Jesus’ Coming as a Thief in View of Abounding Lawlessness and Great Apostasy”,   Rev.   Lanning   explained what it means that Jesus comes as a thief and how that is connected to the signs of apostasy and lawlessness (Matt. 24:11-12). The last two conference speeches were given the day before the conference ended. Prof. Engelsma gave a speech on “The Two Witnesses of Revelation” (Rev. 11) in the morning. Later that day, Rev. Lanning gave the last conference speech, “Called to Live in the Expectation of a Final Judgment and in the Hope of Life Eternal”.

On the Sunday of the conference we had the church services at the castle. The morning sermon was preached by Prof. Engelsma on “The Hope of Creation for Christ’s Coming”, his text being Romans 8:19-22. The evening worship service was led by Rev. Lanning, who preached about Methusaleh, with Genesis 5:25-27 as his text.

During the conference there were two day trips. One of them was on Monday, 18 July. That trip was to Hillsborough Castle, where the queen and other British royalty stay when they come to Northern Ireland. We got a guided tour of the castle and then got to spend some time outside in the queen’s garden. The other day trip was on Thursday the 21st to Boyne Valley, a 1690 battle site, and Trim Castle. In the town of Trim we also had time to walk around the town next to the castle and fellowship with each other.

At the BRF Conference there were people from many different countries: Australia, Canada, England, Hungary, Northern Ireland, the Philippines, Ireland, Singapore, the United States, and Wales. Psalm 22:27-28 talks about this: “All the ends of the world shall remember and turn unto the LORD: and all the kindreds of the nations shall worship before thee. For the kingdom is the LORD’S: and he is the governor among the nations”.

Every morning and every night there was devotions, led by different people attending the conference. Devotions included singing from the Scottish Psalter, which the church in Northern Ireland also uses for its worship services. We used this Psalter before and after each speech as well.

There was also free time every day, when we could talk, walk around a lake by the castle, cycle, kayak, go to one of the world’s largest hedge mazes, sing with people at the conference, and many other activities.

We are thankful for the time we could spend with God’s people at the conference.

“I love Thy saints, who fear Thy name And walk as in Thy sight; They are the excellent of earth, In them is my delight” (Psalter 27, stanza 2).

Written by: Jessica Lanning | Issue 41