The Institution of the Covenant Grace Church in Penang

The Penang Reformed Fellowship is now organised as a local Reformed Church in the island of Penang, West Malaysia. The new name of this church is Covenant Grace Church. They are properly instituted with five families as founding members and two elders properly elected and ordained. All this took place in the morning worship service on 13 March in Penang.

Regarding this institution, our hearts are filled with thanksgiving for what God has done, namely, to establish a Reformed witness on the island of Penang. And God-willing, this congregation will be a beacon light not only to Northern Malaysia but also to the rest of Malaysia, including Sarawak and Sabah. God has also answered the prayers of these five families: that a Reformed Church be established, not only for this generation but also for the generations to come so that the future generations of Penangites would also know the Reformed Faith. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the work of grace in the hearts of our brethren.

Pastor Goh preached on the text, I Timothy 3.15 for that occasion, “… the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth”. And, he exhorted the congregation along the following lines: the main point that the apostle Paul wanted to bring across to Pastor Timothy was that the church upholds the truth. The church upholds the truth in four ways. First, the church upholds the truth by proclaiming it. Second, the church upholds the truth by defending the truth over against the lie of the devil. Third, the church upholds the truth by developing it. And finally, the church upholds the truth by preserving it for future generations.

At the institution which took place after the sermon, the founding members, regular worshippers, and past regular worshippers were present.

The founding members of Covenant Grace Church are as follows:

Mr & Mrs Leow Sian Beng
Mr & Mrs Paul Tan Kok Poh, Jonathan, Timothy and Nicholas
Mr & Mrs Calvin Lim Fook Loong, Chloe and Ian
Mrs Neo Siew Chan, Caitlyn
Mr & Mrs Yee Fook Khong, Hong Chun

Immediately after the   morning sermon, Pastor Goh read a letter from the Session of CERC addressed to the Penang Reformed Fellowship to affirm that the founding members were in full communion and of good report in CERC. And according to PRF’s request to be organised as a local church in Penang, the Session of CERC released these associate members to become the founding members of Covenant Grace Church.

The next thing that took place was the election of two elders. Brothers Leow Sian Beng and Paul Tan Kok Poh were both elected to the office of elder, and thereafter, they were ordained as elders of the newly instituted church. In the laying of hands, Pastor Lau also joined in to ordain the elders. After the worship service, there was the signing of the formula of subscription by the two newly elected elders and the recitation of the covenant of commitment by the newly instituted congregation.

Delegates from both CERC and FERC were also present. From CERC: Elders Leong Fai Chong and Wong Chee Choong and Deacon Felix Chan Chee Seng. And from FERC: brother Choo Ker Ming and his wife Kwee Siew. Gifts of appreciation were presented to CERC, FERC, Pastor Lau and Pastor Goh. Finally, buffet lunch was served, Malaysian style.

May we continue to pray for Covenant Grace Church, that God will keep her faithful to the truth, that she will be a beacon light in Penang and the marks of the true church will be evident in her midst.

Written by: Paul Goh | Issue 7