Church Ministries: Will You Serve?

Christian Literature Ministry (CLM)

The CLM is established to promote and distribute good Christian Literature to our members and friends in Singapore and around this region.

Our stock of literature ranges from doctrine to church history and Christian living. Topics of immense practical worth such as family worship are also available. These pamphlets serve to promote knowledge of the true God as revealed in the Bible and expressed in the Reformed faith.

Reading good reformed literature is one of the means that can help us grow in the knowledge of God’s truth. We pray and hope that through reading these pamphlets, God’s truth will be established in the hearts of His people, bearing fruits in their lives to the glory of His Name. We also pray that our visitors would be led to the knowledge of God’s truth from reading these articles.

We covet your prayers that God will bless the following work performed by CLM:

Pamphlets on various topics are placed in the rack at CERC’s reception counter for free distribution to members and visitors;

A series of Reformed material is printed bimonthly for distribution to church members;

Daily Meditations based on the Heidelberg Catechism, written by various PRCA ministers, will be distributed on a monthly basis to CERC members, God willing. The inaugural issue for January was released on 1 Jan 2011, during the Prayer & Praise cum Church Retreat. The ministers who have contributed thus far include Prof Herman Hanko, Rev Kortering, Rev Gise Van Baren and Rev Brummel. Tentatively, Rev den Hartog, Rev Dennis Lee, Rev Rodney Kleyn and Rev Steven Key will also be contributing. Thank God for the labour of love of the ministers and for help from Rev Lau for the preface as well as Saltshakers’ design team for the cover page;

Work-in-progress: CLM website for visitors who wish to order the literature. Many thanks to Bro Melvin for his help in putting the catalogue of tracts, order form and links to meditations on the Heidelberg Catechism online. Do visit the CLM website! Any queries can be directed to


The Follow Up Committee

Act 18:24 And a certain Jew named Apollos, born at Alexandria, an eloquent man, and mighty in the scriptures, came to Ephesus.

Act 18:25 This man was instructed in the way of the Lord; and being fervent in the spirit, he spake and taught diligently the things of the Lord, knowing only the baptism of John.

Act 18:26 And he began to speak boldly in the synagogue: whom when Aquila and Priscilla had heard, they took him unto them, and expounded unto him the way of God more perfectly.


When the follow up committee was first set up, it was tasked with doing both the work of missions and follow up. This broad scope over the years proved to be too much for the committee to handle and work effectively. As CERC grew in size, the demands of both missions and follow work up grew too. By God’s grace, more members joined this work and the follow up committee then was split into two smaller committees now known as the Follow up Committee and the Mission Committee.

What is follow up?

As the name says, the follow up committee focuses mainly on ‘following up’ with visitors or new believers in our midst by befriending them. For visitors, the follow up committee oversees befriending them and constantly updates them about upcoming church activities so as to encourage them to join us regularly.

For new believers and those new to the reformed faith, the follow up committee arranges bible studies for them and builds Christian friendships with them. We hope that the bible studies will help them come to a better understanding of the Word of God and the precious reformed heritage. By our fellowship with them, we hope to show an example of Christ’s love for His people. These bible studies are led by a more mature believer and he or she would remain committed to holding such meet-ups with the new believer for a period of time.

The follow up committee also needs to work closely with the mission committee in order to be effective and responsible for the proclaiming of God’s truth.

Follow up work within the church?

The follow up committee does not only ‘follow up’ on visitors, it also ‘follows up’ on brethren within the church. Follow up work can range from visiting a brother in Christ, bringing him the word, and praying for him (Mobile Prayer Group) to organizing diligent brothers in Christ to committing themselves to have regular bible studies with weaker members that they may learn the way of God more perfectly (Acts 18:26).

The Mobile Prayer Group (MPG)

Set up by the follow up committee to provide support and encouragement to any member who is sick or in need of encouragement. This is done through visiting the member, praying for him or her together at home and also providing comfort from the word of God. Church members can also request this visit for their friends, relatives and family not yet worshiping in the church. It is an excellent way to bring them the gospel on a more personal basis.

Current work

Apart from organized outings during public holidays (like the recent farm visit) that aim to bring church members together outside church time to fellowship more and also give opportunities for them to invite friends and family, the follow up committee also plans visitations to a Christian old folks’ home in Toa Payoh. This is where a church member is currently ‘attached’ to one of the elderly folk there as a follow up on past gospel meetings held there. We hope to slowly build up and share the everlasting gospel of Christ’s power and grace to the saints in that home.

This year, the Lord willing, we hope to organize a series of workshops on follow up work. Please pray for the committee as the task is rather big. All who are interested to be a part of this in any way are urged to approach uncle Boon Kwang or any of the follow up committee members.

Setbacks and Limitations

After feedback and hearing the difficulties church members face, most agree that the language barrier is a big factor which hinders work with the elderly and work the church carries out at the “Singapore Christian Home for the Aged”.

The follow up committee is planning and working on materials in the different dialects to help minimize this barrier.

Another challenge is the lack of manpower to carry out much needed bible studies with new believers and those new to the reformed faith. This may have something to do with the Asian culture where we are very slow to warm up, befriend and work with new comers.


This is a brief outline of the work of the follow up committee. Our main goal therefore, is to further share our reformed faith with unbelievers or to those new to the faith and bring them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. As this same goal is shared by all the members of the CERC, we hope and pray that God will bless the follow up committee, that it may be used as an effective instrument in this area of work.

We thank God for graciously keeping this committee going and we urge all who are available and able to join us in our activities and gatherings, to work together and diligently share the precious reformed truth to all!

Soli Deo Gloria!


Making Audio Audio-ble

What is the Audio Ministry, more commonly known as ‘Audio’, about? Is it about people sitting in a room fiddling with sound knobs? Is it about people scurrying about with microphones during Q&A Sessions? Or is it about burning CDs for people upon request?

It is all that, and more. In Audio, we try our utmost to seek the glory of God in everything we do. Audio is an important ministry in the church, and we acknowledge that with humility. Every member in Audio is blessed by God with the opportunity to serve, not because we are more gifted and knowledgeable than another member of the church, but because God has graciously allowed us to glorify him in such a way. Below are two ways which Audio functions to let us do so.

The primary function is to provide loud and clear sound such that church members in the sanctuary, various other rooms and even overseas can hear the word of God being preached. It is stated in Romans 10:17 “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” In God’s sovereignty, He has decreed that the gift of faith be bestowed upon man through hearing the word of God. He is pleased to use Audio as a means to strengthen the faith of believers and plant its seed in the heart of new believers, by allowing the gospel to be heard in church.


Our other function, behind the scenes, is the recording of sermons and talks. This serves a two-fold purpose, one of which is in line with the primary function: to hear the word of God. Recording sermons makes it possible for members of the church who are unable to attend worship but would like to hear God’s word, or who want to hear sermons again, to do so. We also burn CDs which can be distributed to others for the spread of the gospel. Recorded sermons are also archived, which may have a crucial role in the unforeseeable future, such as in the day of the antichrist, when severe persecution may render attending church on Sundays impossible. Recorded sermons can then be a means of spiritual nourishment to the believer.

Audio has indeed come a long way since the days of worshipping at Bible House, when there was few or no equipment and we had only two or three members. We are extremely thankful to God for every blessing, and know that it is not by the hand of any man that this ministry has prospered, but by God alone (John 1:3).

On another note, I strongly encourage church members to seriously consider joining Audio (we are recruiting!). Age and gender is of no concern, and one only needs a willingness to serve to be ‘eligible’. Everyone in the church has their own talents (calling) that God has given, and let us not be as the slothful servant in Matthew 25 who buried his talent instead of using it to further his Lord’s cause. If you are seeking an avenue to serve God and the church, do consider joining this ministry. Be part of this brother(and sister)-hood, and have a memorable and meaningful time serving the Lord!

P.S. If you do join and subsequently feel that Audio is unsuitable for you, you can always ask to be excused from it. So, do not be worried of venturing into an ‘unknown’ ministry. We would never hold you back against your will to serve here in the church. =)

From Audio, with love.


The Translation Ministry

We began more than 15 years ago at Tessensohn Road when a non-English speaking elderly saint, Mdm Yip, started to worship with us. Now, a group of dialect speaking volunteers take turns to do one-on-one translation. As translators, we have to be very attentive and focussed on what the speaker says or we will be lost for words. We are thankful that a room dedicated for this purpose is provided because we need the privacy to do our job freely.

Although we can speak the dialects, some of us hardly use them to communicate. We realise then that speaking may be simple, but translating is quite a different challenge. It is understandable that we sometimes feel a sense of inadequacy. There are times when we are at a loss for words as we are confronted with abstract doctrinal words and truths which have to be explained slowly ‘from scratch’ so that the proper ideas are brought across. We thank God that these elderly saints are very forbearing with our ‘inadequacies’.

Other than needing the ability to speak the required dialects, the main and only criterion to do this work is willingness. This is a ‘heart’ ministry which can open up doors of opportunities to bring the Gospel to our elderly folks at home. You are welcome to support this work with your prayers and by making yourself available to our ministry.