Remember Lot’s Wife

Dear Covenant young people,

Our Lord Jesus Christ commands his disciples to remember Lot’s wife. He was speaking of this in the context of his Second Coming. He was exhorting the disciples that when that day comes and if they are upon the housetops or in the elds they ought not to return unto their homes to take their stuff. And then our Lord commands “Remember Lot’s wife”. This command brings us back to Genesis 19, when God was about to destroy the city of Sodom for their wickedness of homosexuality. He commanded Lot and his family to ee. And while they were eeing, Lot’s wife looked back and she was turned into a pillar of salt!

The Word of God that confronts us today is a solemn word. It is solemn because a woman turned into a pillar of salt! This is not an ordinary occurrence that God turns a woman into a pillar of salt. She was a wife in a covenant family and enjoyed many of the spiritual privileges of the Christian home. And in-spite of all that, all her spiritual privileges did not bene t her when it all mattered. What was her sin? What wrong did she do? Her sin was that she was reluctant to leave the sinful city of Sodom, all her friends and all her belongings behind. The point of this passage of God’s word in Luke chapter 17, verse 32 is that godly young people are to be willing to obey the Lord to the extent of giving up their possessions, desires and even their very lives for the Lord’s sake.

Young people, there are three things that we want to notice from this text. Firstly, the great spiritual privileges that Lot’s wife enjoyed. Secondly, the sin of Lot’s wife, and finally, the judgment that she received.

Firstly, the great spiritual privileges that Lot’s wife enjoyed.

Christ commands us to remember Lot’s wife. She lives in a covenant home. A home where God is the heart of their home and its conversation and its members of this household knows, believes and loves Jehovah. She is the wife of Lot, whom the Bible calls a righteous man (II Peter 2.7-8). Scripture informs us of the godliness of this man when it says that he was tormented with the lthy communication and deeds of the wicked. Lot, in turn was the nephew of Abraham, the father of the faithful. Abraham is a man of God, whom Jehovah called out of the Ur of the Chaldees, an idolatrous nation, to give him a land of promise, called Canaan. And God promised Abraham that he would bless Abraham that he will be a great nation and great name. And those who bless Abraham, God will bless; and whosoever will curse Abraham, God will likewise curse. The most outstanding event in his life is that God made a covenant with him, his children and his children’s children. And in this covenant God gave the land of promise to Abraham and his seed to dwell in and his seed will be as numerous as the sand of the seashore. Lot’s wife must have known all these wonderful history of God’s graciousness as she was surrounded by these godly men, Lot and Abraham. But, did all these spiritual influences benefit her spiritually? It did not. That’s the occasion of which Christ commands us, “Remember Lot’s wife”.

Young people, you might be born in a covenant home. And let me emphasise to you that it is a great privilege to be born in a covenant home, where godly parents teach you the word of God from a very tender age you, provide you a godly example so that you can live a life that is pleasing in the sight of God. And let us not forget that your parents brought you to be baptised as an infant. But, these privileges alone cannot save you from your sins. What really matters is grace: when God, by his grace, implants a new heart in you that is after righteousness and holiness. And so, young people, with all seriousness you must earnestly pray that you know Christ personally in your heart, otherwise, you will not be saved. Membership in a church will not save you; neither will baptism nor attending catechism classes, but only by new birth is one saved.

Secondly, let us consider why Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt. The simple answer is that she sinned against the Lord. It was very urgent that Lot and his family leave for the city of Zoar immediately. But as they were fleeing, she looked back and was immediately turned into a pillar of salt. Her look was not a look of innocence but it was a look of loving the present world. She had grown to love the city of Sodom and her neighbours, and she was not willing to part with her possessions. In other words, it was a look of worldliness and of coveting the things in the world. She had the world in her heart.

Young people, you also face a similar danger. It is unprecedented that you possess so many things: smartphones, digital cameras, laptop computers, and so on. There is nothing wrong to possess all these digital toys but these things become a sin when they become an idol in your heart and therefore become a snare to you. And so your attitude to all these toys is that you must be willing to forego it when the Lord calls you to. You are willing to give it up because you love the Lord and want to serve Him and you would not allow anything to come in between you and your God.

Her second sin was disobedience to the word of the angel. She looked back after the angel commanded her not to look back. Young people, there is a tendency that we overlook obedience to God and consider disobedience a very small matter.

For disobedience, the whole mankind was plunged into sin and the result is that man is totally depraved, cursed by God and hell-bound. For disobedience, God did not accept the offering of Cain because he disobeyed God in offering his own works instead of a bloody sacrifice. For disobedience, God sent his only begotten Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross. For disobedience to his calling, God deposed Saul from being king because he offered a sacrifice which was not his to offer but the priest’s. For disobedience, Israel and Judah were sent into captivity. And for disobedience, this present world will be destroyed in order to be cleansed from its sin and its lthiness. So, disobedience is a very serious matter to God. For disobedience, Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt. Remember Lot’s wife.

Finally, let us notice the judgment of God that came upon Lot’s wife. Scripture informs us that that moment she looked back, she turned into pillar of salt. Lot and his three daughters must have been very shocked to see their wife and mother turned into a pillar of salt. The fear of God must have filled their souls for this solemn event. God’s judgment upon Lot’s wife was immediate and without warning. This shows us that God took her looking back into the city of Sodom as a serious sin which demanded immediate attention. And thus, she was turned into a pillar of salt. A pillar is an object which is permanent and cannot be easily destroyed. This pillar will serve as a memorial of a solemn event that took place and will prompt others to enquire about its meaning. This will give an opportunity for parents to explain the judgment of God that came unto a woman who was Lot’s wife. Lot’s wife was eternally lost. There was no heaven for her, but hell.

Young people, there is a serious message for you. Never entertain the thought that it is alright for a Christian to be worldly and to love his present world with all its evil lusts. Instead, may the sudden destruction of Lot’s wife serve as an encouragement to you to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and to be a man or a woman filled with the fear of God. May you be willing to give up everything for the sake of obeying your Lord, even to the extent of laying down your life for Him. Amen.

Written by: Paul God | Issue 3