Cleaning Corner


The Lord willing, I will write regularly in this youth magazine, “The Salt Shaker”, under the section entitled, “CLEANING CORNER”.

Recently, there have been announcements in our Church regarding young people helping to clean up the dishes after lunch. We should try to finish our food and hand in the dishes to the “cleaning corner” by 1 p.m. for cleaning up. Regular cleaning up is good to maintain a clean and healthy environment, especially for further and better use in the future.

So our effort in producing the “Salt Shaker” shall not be in vain when we have such a “CLEANING CORNER” to clean up any ‘contamination’.

Please pray that I may be enabled to keep up writing here in this corner and that the readers may be blessed from reading it prayerfully.

The Inevitable Contamination

The word, “contamination” suggests a stage of change from something better to something worse. So excessive CO2 emission resulting in climate change and other worldwide, evil consequences contaminates our atmosphere. We do not like contamination. We must try to avoid it as much as possible. But, alas, more often than not, a little contamination is inevitable, if we are to remain active and useful.

This is also true in spiritual matters. A so-called Christian can be totally uninterested in spiritual things. He only goes to church because he has to according to home rules, not because of the love for the Lord. There is no concern that the Church should preach the right doctrines nor that her members should live according to those teachings for their own well-being! They just live and let live – each according to what is right in his own eyes. There is no fear of God or reverence for His Word. Such a person may imagine himself to be morally clean and does not need any cleansing of any kind. But, the truth is, as the Word of God states, there is none righteous, no, not one.

We all become inevitably unclean through contamination whether we like it or not, aware of it or not. We become more aware of this contamination in the service of the Lord. So the most active Apostle wrote that he was the chief of all sinners.

So, are you now afraid to serve the Lord because you rather not know that you are contaminated and need cleansing? We are in deep trouble when we cannot face the truth of our contamination and keep deceiving ourselves thinking that we’re alright and doing ne. It is better to serve the Lord, know the truth and experience His cleansing Power, than to live unthankful lives.

The Need For Cleansing

If contamination with sins is inevitable as we live in this life, cleansing must be a matter of necessity.

We are spiritually alive only because our sins are forgiven us. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord, Who died for our sins. A Christian life that does not touch on our sinful, sensitive self cannot be genuine. True religion deals with the matter of sins and guilt, as God would want us to. It is the mishandling of such matters with false teachings that leads to all kinds of psychological problems in life. True religion teaches doctrines that are most healthy in all aspects of life, including our mental health. Psychiatrists who advise patients against Christianity are sinning against God greatly.

The bottom line in dealing with sins is that they must be identi ed, confessed and removed as soon as possible and as long as necessary. Something is radically wrong when a pilgrim becomes weary and tired of, and ready to give up on, dealing with his sins. If proper dealing of sins leads to greater and more love for Jesus, a believer cannot be tired of dealing with sins in his life.

The Importance Of This Corner

As we serve the Lord whom we love for loving us in producing this magazine, we become dirty because we are imperfect and do sin while trying to do good. Through the blood of Christ we experience His cleansing power to the great delight of our soul. This is God’s plan for our sanctification which we must not resist.

Reading this magazine, it is our prayer that we may be cleansed spiritually to the good health of our souls. Thus the importance of this Cleansing Corners department, where our sins and infirmities in service will be dealt with. So we are encouraged not to miss this section of the magazine when reading it.

As our Lord and Saviour gave His life for our sins, we should never treat sin lightly whenever it rears its ugly head. We must deal with them faithfully if we do not want to displease the Lord. In fact such humble attitude glorifies Christ.

When we deal with sin as we serve, there is no occasion for pride and that enhances the effectiveness of the service, for ourselves as well as for others. Finally, we must say that ‘Salt Shaker’ is meant to dispense that which is useful for the preservation and tastefulness of God’s people in this world. Cleansing keeps us healthy and appetizing.


Read this corner. Pray for it to be faithful in writing. Help out by asking and suggesting.

God bless.

Written by: Pastor Lau Chin Kwee | Issue 3