Press On!

In the weeks that Professor Hanko (Prof.) was here, we had the privilege of listening to Prof. expound on the topic, “Reformed Worldview”. The 4 sessions were very enriching, and I am certain that all of us have been blest and are thankful for Prof.’s labour of love amongst our midst, in spite of his age and the distance between Singapore and Michigan. Personally, I am touched and encouraged by Prof. and Mrs. Hanko’s great love for the people of God and especially for the young people in CERC.

We were reminded of our calling to represent the cause of Christ here on earth. The basis for this calling is Christ’s great work of salvation on the cross. As a result of His saving work, we are no more part of the kingdom of darkness, but belong to the kingdom of Heaven (Col 1:13). How then are we to represent the cause of Christ? We do this mainly through maintaining the sacred Truth that God is God. In doing so, we also preserve an important foundation for godly living, because practical living flows out of the doctrine we believe and uphold.

Our citizenship in Heaven implies that we are but strangers and pilgrims on this earth. How then should we relate to earthly things? We must never think that our calling is to use the things of God to serve sin. Neither is it our calling to take vows of poverty and chastity, secluding ourselves from the world and living a life of “piety”. Instead, we are called to be content with whatever God has blessed us with for God has given us all things richly to enjoy (2 Tim 6: 17) and to use all that is in this world in the service of God. It is important to remember that every single thing God blesses us with remains His. As such, we are not to use them for our selfish purposes and desire, but for the advancement of His kingdom. God gave us money, for example, so that we can put food on the table. We are called to pray and sanctify the food, using to nourish ourselves physically so that we can serve Him (1 Tim 5: 23). God gives us opportunities for education, so that we can know more about His creation and how to use His creation for His glory. All these mean that we have to constantly examine our hearts in prayer: as schooling young people, do we make an idol out of our studies? Is getting the highest paying job the most important goal in life? How important are our studies to us? Are we seeking first the kingdom of God? Are we faithful to our calling?

The Christian calling is never an easy one; daily we have to struggle against our sinful nature (which includes covetousness – the desire for more) and fleshly desires. May we never be discouraged by these difficulties! Instead, let us draw strength from God and nd joy and peace in Him even as we fight off the trials and temptations that God is pleased to bring our way. Be encouraged that the presence of trials and temptations in our lives is evidence that the Holy Spirit is sanctifying and moulding us so that we become more and more Christ-like. Let us hope in and eagerly await the second coming of Christ, where Christ shall change our vile bodies to be like unto His glorious body (Phil 3:21), and we shall no longer have to struggle with sin, grief, and pain.As we journey on this earth, may we not be reformed young people only in name, but genuine reformed Christians who fight for and uphold the Truth, and use this Truth as a lamp to guide our footsteps. May we be found faithful to our calling to defend and preserve the Truth.

Written by: Nicole Wong | Issue 1