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Pro Rege,
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Welcome to the 61st issue of Salt Shakers!

Dear readers,

As you know, Salt Shakers celebrates its 10th anniversary in this special issue. Rather than having this issue filled with new articles, the staff decided to publish articles from past issues. The work we have accomplished in these 10 years is not ours ultimately, but the work of God in us to declare and promote the truth of Jesus Christ.

That truth has worked powerfully in the lives of many readers, here and abroad. In this issue, then, we testify of the work of God in our readers’ hearts. Before each article, you would find a note from various readers, sharing how that article has edified them. We hope these personal notes encourage everyone to continue reading, as part of our desire to grow in our knowledge of Jesus Christ.

In addition to these contributions and a regular editorial, Tom Bodbyl from Grandville PRC has contributed an article sharing the benefits of reading widely as part of our walk with God.

So, please, read, meditate on the Word, and pass the salt!

In Christ,

Yang Zhi