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Welcome to the 50th issue of Salt Shakers!

Dear Readers,

Welcome to another edition of the Salt Shakers! We thank our writers for contributing to another worthwhile edition of this distinctively Reformed magazine, as well as the staff who have put the magazine together. The Salt Shakers maintains a good balance of younger and older writers, local and foreign. We believe that this practice uniquely expresses our diversity and unity in the Reformed faith, and manifests the catholicity of the church of Jesus Christ.

In this issue, Prof. David Engelsma pens an intriguing account of the PRC’s founding father – Rev. Herman Hoeksema. Besides developing the truth of God’s gracious and unconditional covenant with His people in Jesus Christ, Hoeksema was also instrumental in developing the truth of the unbreakable bond of marriage. Hoeksema saw the deeply erroneous view of divorce and remarriage, held in many Reformed and Presbyterian churches, that allowed the so-called “innocent party” of a divorce to remarry. Maintaining his conviction on Scripture’s instruction, Hoeksema broke away from the Reformed tradition and insisted that only physical death breaks the marriage bond because marriage is a picture of God’s unbreakable covenant of grace with His people in Jesus Christ. The young people in CERC and her sister churches marry in the conviction of this truth today. We have much to be grateful for Rev. Hoeksema.

It may interest our readers to know that Rev. Hoeksema died in the same year that Singapore became an independent nation: 1965. Slightly over fifty years since the Lord’s servant went to glory, not many people today would know about him. But every member of CERC ought to be familiar with his writings. His Reformed Dogmatics, for example, ought to be standard reading for every office-bearer of CERC.

Rev. den Hartog presses the necessity of reading for every Reformed believer in another article. Where smartphones, tablets and the mobile internet reign in everyday life today, it is imperative for the Reformed believer to make reading a vital habit in his life. Satan, the world, and our sinful flesh strive ferociously to extinguish this duty. Our enemies know that God’s people will be destroyed for lack of knowledge. Let it never be said that it was because we rejected knowledge (Hos. 4:6).

Parents are instructed to read, and to pass on their reading habits to their children. Covenant children must know and see that their parents are readers of habit. There is every reason for joy when children know that their parents enjoy reading, and through reading, are knowledgeable parents. Only by habitual and disciplined reading can parents faithfully and effectively instruct their covenant children in the Reformed faith.

The Reformed Free Publishing Association (RFPA) is an excellent source of distinctively Reformed literature. Parents must be encouraged to be book club members so that they an excellent source of reading material for themselves and their children.

Blessed reading!