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Pro Rege,
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Welcome to the 42nd issue of Salt Shakers!

Dear Readers,

We continue our theme “Dare to Stand”. As we commemorate the 500th anniversary of the 1517 Reformation, each issue this year will contain quotes from notable reformers whom God used to return the church from the doctrines of men to the truths of scripture! Last issue, we were reminded of Martin Luther’s courageous stand for the truth at the Diet of Worms. In this issue, we hear the words of another brave reformer, Guido de Bres, author of our beloved Belgic Confession. By the power of our Lord, Guido de Bres was given the necessary grace to make the ultimate sacrifice for his faith, while laying hold onto the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings (Phi. 3:10). Guido de Bres was executed at the hands of the Roman Catholic authorities in 1565, a martyr and father of Reformed doctrine. Look out for his quote!

But what does the life and death of Guido de Bres 450 years ago have to do with us today? Besides that we today confess with our mouths what de Bres confessed with his life, de Bres’ struggle was our struggle. We have not yet resisted unto blood as he did, nor are we on the run for our lives for the truth of God, as he was. Yet, de Bres faced the same fears, doubts, and sins as we do today. There were times when he was afraid, when he was selfish, times when he gave a weak and faithless witness. He was a person subject to like passions as we are. But God gave Guido de Bres gifts: the gift of a clear conscience before God, the gift of innocence in Christ, and ultimately the victory. These gifts we too will receive in the course of, and at the end of our own journeys.

So beloved readers, dare to stand, not in your own strength, but in the strength of Christ, who alone will give you the grace to do so. Stand against the unbelief of the world, against the lies of Satan, against yourself: the temptations of the old man and the flesh. Take up your cross and follow Him, whose yoke is easy and whose burden is light, as Guido de Bres discovered. Thus only will you find rest for your souls (Matt. 11:29).

Read on, and may you be encouraged and strengthened by the articles that follow in this issue of Salt Shakers.

Remember to pass the salt!

Pro Rege,
Lee Yang