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Pro Rege,
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Welcome to the 59th issue of Salt Shakers!

Dear readers,

We are publishing this magazine in a time of confusion and uncertainty. As of now, hundreds of articles, sermons, and videos have addressed this confusion and uncertainty biblically.

And here I am. Why?

Not every church is dealing with a temporary closure for worship/congregational activities, and a lack of ministers to bring the Word. Add to that the reality that you and I do not know when either closure or lack would end.

To our readers outside, this just shows every man has his burden to bear, and we must remember one another in our prayers.

To you, readers in CERC, let Psalm 46:1 roar in your hearts: God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. 

God is our refuge—that secure, unmovable, unchanging, Rock-solid fortress. To him we flee! Where is he? Revealed in the sixty-six books, brethren!

God is our strength—mighty, powerful, great, sovereign. Over the virus? Yes. Over your lost income? Absolutely. Over your worries? Undoubtedly.

God is our present help in trouble—in sheer mercy, bringing us out of sin and into his holy fellowship. What about death—there is no sting. What about financial insecurity—God will clothe us. What about every care and worry—cast them upon the God that careth for us!

God is all three at once. Let this truth fill our hearts and minds at this time. Are you working from home? Begin the day meditating on this Psalm (or any verse referred above). Are you jobless? Find work if you are able, but do not let each day pass without time with God. Are you worried? Hide this word in your hearts, that you do not sin against God in doubt and unbelief.

Let this truth fill our hearts and minds…that we can bring it to others. What you have applied for yourself is equally relevant for anyone else—the mother, the elderly, the child, the youth, and the single (and vice versa). At risk to go out? Make a phone-call. Skype (or Zoom). Text. Did not Jonathan cry with David in his escape from Saul? Did not Jesus need John and Peter to follow him into Gethsemane? Did not the early Christians encourage John and Peter, following their imprisonment?

And do not forget, in such a time, that there are countless others who fear in many ways and need the gospel of Jesus Christ. How you respond today will prepare you to give an answer of your hope to an unbeliever tomorrow.

What about our witness as a church, CERC? Consider the testimony of our office-bearers. They have met almost every week to discuss the urgent needs of our church in this season (on top of other pastoral needs). With all pulpit supply cut off, our elders have undertaken reading sermons (on top of catechism classes and writing our Pastoral’s Voice). Our Lord has given our brothers strength and wisdom in these trying times, that, together, we may maintain a Christian witness in Singapore. Let us give thanks to our good King for these efforts, and pray for our office-bearers.

As you finish this lengthy note, do not stop your reading, but carry on. Although our staff will only be publishing four regular issues this year due to administrative lapses, we are nonetheless dedicated to bringing you faithful expositions and applications of God’s Word. Plans to commemorate our 10th anniversary with a fifth issue are underway.

And so, dear readers, here I am, passing the salt to you.

In Christ,

Yang Zhi

P.S.: Here are all the Scriptural references in this note: Psalm 46:1; Deuteronomy 32:4; I Corinthians 15:55; Matthew 6:30; I Peter 5:7; I Samuel 20:41; Matthew 26:36-38; Acts 4:23ff; I Peter 3:15.