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Welcome to the 52nd issue of Salt Shakers!

Dear Readers,

The Salt Shakers committee is pleased to present another issue of our publication. We hope that you will profit from the reading of these articles.

In this issue, Rev. Daniel Kleyn writes an account of the history of foreign mission work in the PRC. CERC is a product of the PRC’s foreign mission work in the late 1970s and early 1980s. God used these mission efforts to gather a group of believers out of heathendom into the glorious fellowship of His dear Son. In 1981, the Evangelical Reformed Church of Singapore was organised (later named First Evangelical Reformed Church). God blessed the work and gave numerical growth to the church. In 1986, a daughter congregation, Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church (CERC), was organised and instituted – establishing the denomination of the Evangelical Reformed Churches of Singapore (ERCS). Barely twenty years into their existence, the ERCS was wrecked by doctrinal controversy, throwing the entire denomination into turmoil, and finally resulted in a split.

Prof. David Engelsma pens an insightful account of the Declaration of Principles – a document that was drawn up in the fires of controversy in the PRC. The document addressed the question regarding the unconditional character of God’s covenant. One of the other purposes of the document was that it be used in foreign mission fields. Regrettably, this was never done in the mission work in Singapore. Much trouble could have been avoided had the ERCS deliberated and decided on the question of God’s unconditional covenant.

Dorcas Lee recounts the struggles and blessings of a young mother in Singapore, probably one of the busiest and wealthiest countries in the world. The calling to be a keeper in the home, with all of the forces that assault it, is considerable in modern Singapore. Homemakers are rare these days. Most young mothers prefer the luxuries afforded by a career. Yet the calling to be a mother in the home is higher than all other callings God gives to a mother of the covenant. It is weighty, because it serves the cause of God’s covenant in the midst of this world. Spiritual warriors are bred from mother’s instruction.

In these evil days, CERC stands as a faithful witness to the truth of God’s Word, summarised in the Three Forms of Unity – the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confession, and the Canons of Dordt. In November 2018, we celebrate the 400th anniversary of the great Synod of Dordt – the ecclesiastical body that overthrew the heresy of Arminianism and defended the glorious doctrines of sovereign grace and salvation in Jesus Christ. CERC’s  Reformation Day Conference bears testimony to that celebration, and to the calling to preserve our Reformed heritage.

To that calling to preserve our Reformed heritage and to fight for the truth, the Salt Shakers answers.