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Pro Rege,
The Salt Shakers Committee

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Welcome to the 43rd issue of Salt Shakers!

Beloved Readers,

We come to the end of our consideration of the theme “Dare to Stand”. In the past three issues, we have studied what it means to stand against the tide of godlessness, and to stand for the truth. We looked at biblical examples: the lives of Moses and Elijah (both of whom appear in this issue too) – as well as examples closer to home. Along the way, we also remembered several notable reformers – Luther, Guido de Bres and Calvin – and what they said regarding the truth, even at great personal cost.

What about us? Young people, this call to stand comes directly to you and me. We have also considered what it means to live antithetically; in our friendships, our vocations, in national service, and in our activities online. And surely, the list of areas in which we need to take a stand goes on and on – in every single aspect of our lives.

The call is incredibly difficult to heed. We are not yet called to resist unto blood in our land; to be economic outcasts who can no longer buy or sell. Yet even now the ungodly surround us, enticing us to be friends with them, to walk in their godless ways. The vain philosophies and wicked ideals of the world swamp us in social media and in school. The world develops new ways to sin ever so rapidly, ways that are ever so attractive to our flesh.

How shall we stand? It seems impossible! By standing up alone, it seems like we only present a bigger, more obvious target for the devil to shoot at. And shoot he does; strewn along the paths of life are countless bodies of those who lie slain by the wayside – targets of fiery, devilish arrows. Yet we stand, for God protects His children whom He loves. Though they may fall for a time, they shall not be utterly cast down, for the Lord upholdeth them by His hand such that they stand again, a shining light to the world. It is by His power alone, by the power of the cross, that we can stand boldly against these immense powers.

The call to stand is also incredibly urgent. All around us, we hear of wars, rumours of wars, earthquakes and many other signs of the Lord’s return. Once-faithful churches everywhere are rapidly departing from the truth. Iniquity abounds, and the love of many grows cold. Young people, when the Lord returns, will He find faith on earth? Will He find faith in you and me?

Therefore, let us fervently encourage one another to walk courageously. Let us stand, for our Lord comes quickly! Difficult though it may seem, it will be more than worth it in the end. As John Calvin said: “the afflictions and vexations of the pious have little or nothing of bitterness, if compared with the boundless blessings of everlasting glory”.

Beloved readers, dare to stand! And remember to pass the salt.

Pro Rege,
Lee Yang