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Welcome to the 45th issue of Salt Shakers!

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the 45th issue of the Salt Shakers! We are thankful for God’s sustaining hands in the continued publication of the magazine, and hope that it continues to be a faithful beacon of light in the midst of this world. We thank our writers for their regular and edifying contributions to each issue.

In this issue, Rev. den Hartog pens a piece reflecting on his forty-two years in the ministry, many of which were spent in Singapore. He was instrumental in establishing the first generation of believers in CERC, and instructing them in the precious truths of the Reformed faith. Today, the third generation of CERC is rising up. Indeed, we marvel at the beauty of God’s covenant which continues from generation to generation.

Isa Tang writes about the dangers of so-called Christian organisations in the public schools today. While many claim to espouse Christianity, it is necessary for the Reformed believer to understand the dangers and implications of associating with such organisations.

CERC is commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation this year. We plan, the Lord willing, to organise a Reformation Day conference on 11th November 2017. Rev. Richard Smit from First Protestant Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, will be the conference speaker. He will be speaking on The Legacy of Martin Luther, Calvin’s Doctrine of the Covenant, and Faithful through the Days of the Reformation. We welcome all our readers to attend this worthwhile conference.

Pass the salt, and happy reading!