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Pro Rege,
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Welcome to the 56th issue of Salt Shakers!

Dear Readers,

Welcome to another issue of the Salt Shakers. We thank the committee and the writers for their work in producing solidly Reformed, polemical and instructive articles for the edification of our readers.

The Salt Shakers takes seriously the responsibility to contend earnestly for the faith in these days where the truth is often silenced, and those who stand unashamedly for the truth are persecuted or labelled falsely as radicals. Only by way of doing sharp polemics is the truth preserved from error and developed in its fullness to the glory of God and the welfare of His church.

The spiritual fathers of the Reformation developed a heritage of strong polemics against the errors of their day. Their polemics are enshrined in our creeds. It is our responsibility to preserve this unique aspect of our Reformed heritage, an aspect that is often despised today, even by those who profess to be Reformed.

Welcomed in this issue is an article devoted to the celebration of our new sisterly relationship with the Protestant Reformed Churches of the Philippines (PRCP). The Session of CERC has decided to establish a sisterly relationship with the PRCP, on account of our unity in the Reformed faith. We rejoice in this new sisterly relationship and pray God’s blessing upon it. We warmly invite their members to sign up for the Salt Shakers.

We hope that you profit from this issue of the Salt Shakers.