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Pro Rege,
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Welcome to the 54th issue of Salt Shakers!

Dear readers,

As you recall, January’s issue was released rather late. Instead of releasing this issue in March, the committee has decided to keep to the two-month gap in-between issues. So be sure to look out for our magazine in June, August, October, and December!

Returning to this issue, you will find Rev. Stewart continuing his series on homosexuality. In this instalment, he expounds on Romans 1:26-27—specifically, the natural use of sex. The explanation is insightful; however, some readers might find its open reference to sexual organs too explicit for younger readers to read.

To be sure, instruction about sex to our children and youth must be done appropriately; the editorial staff is convinced Rev. Stewart’s instruction is appropriate.

Let’s remember that the world, from sheer vulgarities to unbiblical connotations of filth when discussing anything sexual, has corrupted sex. In our day and age, we hardly see this spiritual state improving; as the salt of this earth, what is our response? Surely not to remain silent. We publish Rev. Stewart’s article as a summary of our belief on sex; and, as Reformed readers, we receive the article with a desire to grow in a true knowledge of sex and to witness to others what God says.

Then go back to the spiritual decline of the world. Consider how much our children and youth, in the above-described world, are increasingly exposed to a corrupted view of sex. The government has been pressured in recent years to legitimise homosexuality; one can imagine how our government-controlled public education on sex would feel this pressure as well. Alongside public education, the student body is degrading into a promiscuous generation that incites our covenant seed to every possible form of sexual filth. Not expecting our public education to teach the Reformed, Christian, biblical view of sex, we welcome frank, sound instruction on sex. Fellow parents under baptismal vows, and fellow members who witnessed those vows: Let’s teach our children and youth what sex truly is.

Now, surely, we should not hand our children and youth this article and say, “Here, read it,” and call it a day. That, not the article itself, is inappropriate and insufficient. Parents, give them the article with words along these lines, “Here, read it: Let’s talk about it during devotions”. Members, use the article as a transition from a casual conversation to godly fellowship. Guide one another, at home and in church, to see God’s glory in the creation of sex. With wisdom, use the article for everyone’s profit.

In other words, pass this salt!

Your servant in Christ,

Yang Zhi