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Welcome to the 51st issue of Salt Shakers!

Dear Salt Shakers Readers,

Welcome to another issue of the Salt Shakers. We hope that you continue reading our magazine for your spiritual instruction and edification.

Since the last publication, Rev. Rodney Kleyn of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America was extended a call to serve as a minister-on-loan to CERC. On 9 September, Rev. Kleyn declined the call. We continue to wait on the Lord to supply a minister in His timing. CERC plans to organise another Reformation Day Conference sometime in November this year. We hope that our readers, especially those from abroad, can take the opportunity to participate in this worthwhile conference.

Two new publications from the RFPA worthy of mention are Prof. David Engelsma’s commentary on the Belgic Confession (Vol. 1) and Rev. Martyn McGeown’s Grace and Assurance: The Message of the Canons of Dordt. They come highly recommended for the spiritual instruction of every Reformed believer.

Following the decisions of Synod 2018 of the PRC, Mr. Neil Meyer, a member of Hope PRC, has been restored as a member in good standing. We rejoice with him and his family in his restoration. We pray that the decisions of Synod 2018 will continue to serve the cause of God’s truth concerning justification, the place of obedience, and the experience of fellowship in the covenant.

We apologise for the premature publication of Quit You Like Men (II) and Marriage is Not for Me (II) in our previous issue. The first instalment of each article should have been published first.